Atelier de réflexion I Co-existence

Yoann Moreau : Hantology of disasters

November 2, 2018, 18:00, Geneve, Mestrezat 7A

Co-Existences is designed by Stefan Kristensen, Anna Barseghian and Luca Pattaroni, all three members of the Utopiana Committee.

Disasters are everywhere, at all scales. Some occur in our body, others take place in a more or less distant location, in the street, at the gates of the city, at the borders of the territory, elsewhere on Earth, everywhere on Earth, in space. Some concern humans, others animals and insects, plants and matter, atoms and quantum elements. Some affect memories, others desires. Some resurface from the past, others intrude from the future, reducing the present to a skeletal silhouette bursting with anguish or denial. The hantology of catastrophes track down specters on all levels and, in doing so, learn to live with them.

Utopiana invites you to follow a cycle of interventions that extends throughout the year 2018, under the theme "Co-Existences", to explore different ways of living our relationships with other living.