Atelier de résidence

Olivier Marboeuf

June 20, 2019, 18:00, Geneva, Mestrezat 7A

As part of the residency of Marie van Berchem’s bateauthèque at Utopiana, we invite you to an encounter with Olivier Marboeuf. 

What are we doing together? Who has seen hidden stories, traces and tiny lives running around, sweat-beaded? Who saw the voices dragging in the mud and rose silently in the cool of a forest, vocal cords broken by the cacophony of a city? Who has cast his feet in the shadow, on a moving ground in the mangrove, without master and without purpose. What are we doing together? Who deals with gestures, stories, a community of wandering? Who sees it stretch, compose, decompose? Who hears his agreements and disagreements? Who wears bare shoulders a landscape in transition. Who is exploring futures?