Olivier Marboeuf

Olivier Marboeuf is an author, performer, curator and film producer. He is the founder of the Espace Khiasma center (www.khiasma.net), which he directed from 2014 to 2018 in the Lilas, in the suburbs of Paris. In Khiasma, he developed a program focusing on minority representations and post-colonial situations through screenings, debates, performances and collaborative projects in the north-east of Paris. His lyrics intersect with poetic fiction and speculative theories. They are interested in the place as a form of presence and the body as a landscape. Drawing on the imagination and literature of the Caribbean as much as in the mythologies of the suburbs, Marboeuf explores ways of making sensitive the history that is imprinted in the minority bodies and the narrative of the wandering communities. His recent texts are published on the blog: https://olivier-marboeuf.com/