Katherinne Fiedler

Over the course of the past several years my artwork has focused on questioning images that are familiar or recognized culturally, and that primarily stem from nature. The latter is understood only from a metaphorical dimension, and are generated by historical processes as much as cultural means. The landscape, the territory, and the representation of nature in relation to political, poetic and social construction factors from a nostalgic approach, are the guidelines where my work resides, drawing bridges between our own and the collective memory; investigating the power and possibilities of natural contexts and elements in order to raise global questions and reflections.

During my stay at Utopiana Residency, I will deepen my investigation into new relations with nature and the idea of the post nature in relation with cultural constructions by linking nature elements with history and culture. I will seek to rethink the past, a common present and the future of new potentialities of human relation with nature as living bodies that are connected, as they change constantly and simultaneously, using several mediums such as photography, drawing and sculptures made with fossils, and cultural objects as vestiges. This project will search for new ways of seeing and thinking about the changes in nature related to cultural constructions and ecosystems through time.

Katherinne Fiedler's residency is a collaboration within the program "Coincidencia" of Pro Helvetia