Atelier Lecture & Ecriture I Sculpter le quotidien

Émilie Notéris: Restorative fiction

9-10 September 2018, 10:00, Geneve, Mestrezat 7A

Saturday, September 15 from 10h to 12h30, and from 14 to 17h
Sunday 16th September from 10am to 12.30pm, and from 2pm to 5pm

Registration required:

« Il n’est tout simplement pas possible de combiner les compétences critiques et les techniques appropriées à l’étude de l’histoire meurtrière des belettes, de l’érotisme batracien, ou de l’épopée des tunnels du ver de terre, pour nous consacrer à l’art du séquoia ou à celui de la courgette. » Ursula Le Guin, "The Author of The Acacia Seeds", 1974.

This queer writing workshop will aim to dismantle the nature / culture binarisms by proposing a change of view, a questioning of man-animal, animate-inanimate dichotomies. Between theoretical writing and fictional writing (science).

In response to the text of Ursula Le Guin, we will mobilize together the critical skills and techniques appropriate to the study of the murderous history of the weasels, the batrachian eroticism, or the epic of the tunnels of the worm , to devote ourselves to the art of sequoia or that of zucchini.

Instructions: As part of the workshop in which you will participate, I ask you to bring with you 6 books (mix of theory & literature, of your choice and which represent you and your practice). We will practice together a bibliomancy exercise to allow you to grasp the theoretical tools that I develop, proposing you to advance differently in your work, to try to twist my proposal for your own needs.

* Canadian buffet at noon. Bring something to share your lunch.

Free and conscious participation, free for members.