Atelier de résidence

A dive with Catherine Contour: Create with the hypnotic tool

May 19, 2019, 16:00, Geneva, Mestrezat 7A

As part of their residency in Utopiana, Lucie Eidenbenz and Begoña Cuquejo invite you to a meeting with the artist Catherine Contour. She will present her work woven for years around the hypnotic tool, gathered in the publication entitled " Une plongée avec Catherine Contour - Créer avec l’outil hypnotique ":

I want to share the experience of a profound and radical transformation that gradually led me to become aware of my own knowledge of my dancing body and its potential as a critical body. Critical body as Laurence Louppe emphasizes the action of opening new horizons and displacements of our habits: "It is the artist who uses his body to develop a thought on the world. It is the questioning from the movement of any procedure. It is a body that defeats the usual patterns of self-representation. It is a body that questions the modes of spectacular production, from the experience of the body itself.” Catherine Contour